Stretch Strap™ Resistance Band

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Stretch Strap™ Resistance Band

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Start shaping the body you want wherever you want with the Stretch Strap™ Resistance Band today.

Whether you're a novice, intermediate or experienced, this compact and flexible fitness tool will be one of the most useful pieces of exercise equipment you will ever own. Resistance bands are also used widely for rehabilitation and injury prevention because they assist with mobility and increased blood flow to muscles and joints.

Amazing to assist with building flexibility, the Stretch Strap™ Resistance Band is very useful for people who practice Yoga and Pilates.

Resistance bands help improve overall fitness by enhancing range of motion, flexibility, muscular endurance, stability, as well as strength and power. Since they can be used in so many ways, they give you the opportunity to engage in a full-body workout that challenges every muscle. Stretch Strap™ Resistance Band is portable, lightweight and ready whenever you are.

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AWESOME COMPANY.....They stand behind their products and contact you ASAP if you have questions.

Sharon M.

Savvy's customer service was excellent. They responded to my emails promptly and helped me resolve the delivery issues I was experiencing.

Jean B

The best !!! Fast and easy delivery !!! Will be ordering again !!!

barbara s.

It is great!! Just what I needed!!

Traci A.

It was right on time like you said it would be good work i will order from you again thank you

louis d.

It's comfortable and easy to wear -- and it WORKS!

Karen D.

Great product and got here quickly given demand for the product!

Leigh B.

Easy on and off. Perfect fit and feels good and safe.

Eddie T W.
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